Cosmetic Dentistry

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Cosmetic Dentistry Myth and Facts!

 Luxury or Neccessity? 

Many people can think of cosmetic dentistry as something only for rich and famous, or complete makeovers as seen and popularized on TV.

The truth is that most of the cosmetic dentistry procedures are done with little budgets and for ordinary folks, covering small and very practical and necessary improvements to our teeth, to put a little smile on our face. 

While teeth whitening has taken such a popularity, it can be done for best results, only when teeth are straight, healthy and free of diseases. Unhealthy teeth, or visibly crooked teeth can lead to many potential health problems. Difficult to clean and floss, they can set beggining to the gum diseases and number of other health concerns for your body.    

Any missing teeth create a gap in your jaw that can affect positioning of your other healthy teeeth. It will let them drift away from proper position and create breeding ground for gum diseases. It is set that gum diseases can affect you heart as well. Dental Implants can be good and necessary remedy. 

When your teeth are worn down due to the age or improper treatments, consuming certain types of food, they can be covered with porcelain veeeners or covered with dental crowns or onlays.  Your Smile and Your Health can go hand in hand! Imroved teeth will let you chew properly and you can consume healthy and hard foods. Your stomach will also thank you.

All the reading about cosmetic dentistry and other dental problems that you might be on your mind, searching the web for more, it will not replace or be a good substitute to a person-to-person consultation with a dental professional. Many dental professional will welcome your initial enquiry and invite you for a complementary initial consulation.

Have all your questions prepared for your meeting with cosmetic dentistry professional. Show your appreciation for his or her valuable time that cosmetic dentistry specialist will devote to you.     

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