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e-Dental Concepts for Dentists
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e-Dental Concepts for Dental Practitioners 

e-Commerce is generally accepted and demanded for all kinds of transcations and services. For today's Internet savy consumers, specially the young and up upwardly mobile generation of consumers, it a demanded way of life. Cultivating the so called personal contacts and relations,  asking for references from friends and relatives is out! These concepts are being considered as old fashioned and inconvenient. Googling for references is prefered way of finding out about prospective suppliers and professional services providers.

How do you rank on Google?

What type of Internet presence do you have?

What is entered about you on Google?

These become the most important factors in determining suitability for doing transactions with you.


Playing phone tags with you, reaching your answering machine, necessity of filling out your old fashioned paper forms and applications by hand and pencil or being accessible only in certain times of the day and week, these are rather hindrances to doing business with you.     

If you are a dental professional, are you adjusting to today's needs of growing marketplace, or are you insisting in your old, but for you comfortable ways of conducting your professional business? 

Requirements of today's Internet and Technology savy consumers:

  • Be available for communication 24/7
  • Be easy to be found online
  • Provide your most important information online
  • Consider that BlackBerries and iPhones are an important communication and search tool 
  • Adopt E-commerce and shopping cart principles to your profession and dental practice
  • E-mail your newsletters only when permission given
  • Have online information collection and reporting tools





You can see some examples of e-Commerce Dental Services available for adoption by your dental practice: 

Types of e-Dental Services 

There are five types of e-Dental services:

  • Online Health Information Forms
  • Online Appointment Scheduling
  • Email Appointments Reminders
  • SMS Appointment Reminders
  • Telephone Computerized Appointment Scheduling

You can read more about the specifics of these using the links in the Article Index