Zoom Whitening

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Zoom Whitening!


Professional Zoom Whitening is safe, effective and scientificaly advanced procedure to restore color of your teeth to their natural color. There are number of reasons why your teeth will loose their natuaral color, over the time. Aging, but also your lifestyle and food you consume play an important part. Coffees, teas, red wine, smoking and just some major offendors.   

  • To cover your lips and gums with only your teeth exposed
  • Application of Zoom Whittening gel designed to work with Zoom light.  Light and gel work together penetrating your teeth and removing discoloration
  • Light and gel is applied in three fifteen minutes sessions. The procedures is painless and you can relax fully with the Zoom Light being on.
  • The procedure is over

New bright sparkling smile will make a big difference in your life. People will notice you right away and as they say; "You have a one chance to make your first impression!"

You can consult your dental professional also about Zoom Whitening take-home!

Zoom Whitening Light On Zoom Whitening Procedure